vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Extrait de "Free my wor(l)d, par Noufel Bouzeboudja

Azul, Hello!
Peace fellow!...

Come on, brother
For another glass
Here I am with you in peace
No need of words
Profane or sacred
No need of religiosity
Nor borders
No longer believe in their gods
God-oil, god-power
God-dollar, god Star...
An American life,
A European life
Is ""more"" than a life
An African life
Is ""less"" than a life...

My mouth filled,
With earth, blood, with ashes
But above all with syllables and cries
Cries, cries, cries!!!
Why do you dread
Why also do you taunt
...The shouted or written cries?...

Crash of misunderstandings
Grotesque handlings
Dangerous are the invisible walls: Fears.
The Concept of ' Me and the Other '
' We and the Others '
Fear of the other
Of his difference....

Noufel Bouzeboudja (Excerpts from his performance: Free my wor(l)d !)

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